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About Black Rhino Surfaces

Black Rhino Surfaces, Inc. is a  residential, commercial and industrial concrete floor polishing and coatings contractor serving Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. We specialize in the installation of epoxy flooring systems, polyurethane flooring systems, and other high-performance flooring solutions.

About Black Rhino Surfaces


Concrete Flooring Services For The Most Demanding Projects


We offer a wide range of concrete flooring solutions to meet your specific needs, including epoxy coatings, flake epoxy floors, quartz epoxy system  and more. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to find the perfect solution for your space, budget, and aesthetic preferences.

We also offer a variety of custom design options to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple, yet stylish solution for your office space, or a more elaborate design for your manufacturing facility, we have the perfect solution for you.

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Whether you need a new floor for your office or warehouse, or are looking to upgrade your existing commercial floors, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.


    Flooring for Warehouse


    Choose durable and reliable epoxy flooring solutions for your warehouse. Black Rhino Surfaces offers a range of options designed to meet the demands of high-traffic commercial spaces. Keep your operations running smoothly with our expertly installed flooring solutions.

    Flooring for Schools

    Schools & Colleges

    Schools require durable, safe and low-maintenance flooring to accommodate the high traffic of students and teachers. Our specialized flooring solutions meet these needs and provide a visually appealing environment for learning. Choose the right flooring for your school today.

    Commercial Kitchen Flooring

    Commercial Kitchens

    Discover the right flooring options for commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, cafes and coffee shops. Choose from a wide variety of durable and low-maintenance solutions that meet industry standards. Our commercial kitchen flooring options provide a safe and attractive finish. Invest in a solution that fits your needs and budget.

    Retail Flooring Solutions


    Transform any type of retail setup with durable and low-maintenance flooring systems. Our flooring solutions cater to the demanding needs of the busiest shopping malls and retail stores. Choose from a variety of materials to enhance the look and feel of your store.

    Hospital Flooring


    Our Hospital Flooring Solutions abide by strict standards required including hygiene, safety, and durability. The right kind of flooring can help improve patient satisfaction and staff efficiency.

    Floors for Offices


    The right flooring for offices can help enhance the look and operation of your company. Black Rhino Surfaces offers durable and low-maintenance epoxy flooring systems. Additionally, it is easy to clean, keeping your office looking like new with minimal downtime for maintenance work. Contact us today for a free estimate.

    Pharmaceutical Flooring


    Pharmaceutical flooring plays a crucial role in maintaining a sterile and safe environment for the production and storage of healthcare products. It must meet stringent requirements for cleanliness, durability, and resistance to chemicals and impacts. A well-designed flooring solution for a pharmaceutical facility provides a low-maintenance and attractive finish, while also ensuring compliance with industry regulations. This helps to reduce the risk of contamination and improve overall operations, leading to a safer and more efficient facility.

    Auto Shop Flooring

    Auto Shops

    We provide durable and low-maintenance epoxy flooring solutions for auto shops. Our flooring options are specifically designed to withstand heavy machinery, chemicals, and oil spills, ensuring a safe and efficient workspace. Trust Black Rhino Surfaces to provide a high-performance flooring solution for your auto shop

    Dog Kennel Flooring

    Dog Kennels

    Get the right flooring for your dog kennel with durable, low-maintenance options that will stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. Choose from a range of solutions that are designed to meet the specific requirements of this high-traffic environment, ensuring a safe and hygienic space for our furry friends. With options that are easy to clean and maintain, you can keep your kennel looking gorgeous for years to come.

    Hangar Flooring

    Aviation Hangars

    Looking for durable and functional flooring options for your airplane or helicopter hangar? Our Hangar Flooring Solutions offer the appropriate balance of strength, durability, and safety. With a slip-resistant surface, protection against chemicals and fuel spills, our low-maintenance solutions promise a long-lasting and functional flooring system for any size aviation facility.